"Snowe," she said to me.  I could hear the desperation in her voice.  "I paid a CPA $1,500 and they told me I owe $15,000 in taxes.  Is there anything you can do?"

She held out the paperwork with trembling hands.  I took them with a heavy heart.   But one look at the numbers, told me a totally different story.

Does this story sound familiar?

Did you know in the US alone, the IRS estimates that we overpay taxes by about $945,000,000,000


When I was just 25 years old, my house keeper Ashley came to me about her taxes.  She had paid a CPA $1,500 and they still owed over $15,000 to the IRS.  She asked me if I would take a look at her taxes and I agreed.

When I reviewed her taxes I asked her about 3 deductions I saw missing.  She told me that her CPA had not asked her about those items.  I was shocked because she was paying top dollar for the services in the year 2000 and they were obvious deductions he missed.  I remember thinking to myself, they are supposed to be the "experts', so why is he is not asking her these same questions.  After re-working her taxes, she only owed about $3,000 and she was literally on the verge of crying.   Year after year, this same thing kept happening and it began to really frustrate me, so I created my signature tax planning to help small business owners.


If you are a small business owner earning 5, 6 or 7  figures, let us help you get your billions back with our Signature Strategic Tax Planning.  If you need help filing your taxes, we can help with that too!

  • Is your CPA or Accountant more concerned with playing it "safe" and not doing anything outside their box?
  • Does the word "taxes" send you into panic mode or confuse you so much, that you don't know what to do?
  • Does your CPA or Accountant tell you that you cannot write certain expenses off (even if you think they are legal) or that they don't understand your business?

If you said yes to any of these or your CPA has never offered you money saving tax strategies, then you need my signature tax planning, so that you can minimize your liability, get ahead of the tax game and have the comfort of knowing you are fully supported.  Click to apply and listen to one of our VIP clients, Brian who shares his testimony of saving $15,000+ his first year in my program and what makes me different than most CPA's, Accountants & even Turbo Tax.  Plus, our team also prepares and files annual taxes for Real Estate, W2 + 1099 income, Corporations, Partnerships & more.  Click to apply and we will get to you within 24 business hours.


Are you a leader in a network marketing company?  

Click to apply and schedule a quick chat with me to receive our free, exclusive network marketing high value training and resources for your team!  I've had a network marketing company for 10+ years and was a leader for many of those years.  I actually understand your business and can help you better than anyone else.  

Imagine you.....

  • Know exactly how much your business is profiting, how much you will owe in taxes and when you owe them.
  • Are paying your taxes throughout the year so that you are not even thinking about taxes during the mad rush of tax season and tax time is a breeze.
  • Are confident that you are legally minimizing your tax liability with the support of a team of expert tax strategists.
  • Are able to take your business to the next level because you have peace of mind about your entire financial house, taxes included.
  • Have saved so much in taxes that you are able to buy that new car, take that dream vacation, pay for college or save for your future.



 Just like Brian and Ashley, time and time again I've asked entrepreneurs just a few important questions and have been shocked that their Accountant or CPA had not asked them these same things .

 I also know how frustrated small business owners like Brian have been with their Accountant who just “didn’t get them”, constantly told them they couldn’t write off expenses even when they were legal and never offered a money saving tax plan or advice.  I realized that most Accountants & CPA's are great record keepers, but they are not strategic thinkers, nor have they studied the ever changing complex tax laws.  And even worse for business owners, most Accountants & CPA's are not risk takers and therefore they think inside the box which makes them afraid of the IRS.  We are not afraid of the IRS and we know how to legally beat them, so that you can get your billions back!  Click to apply right now so you can start saving today!



Our signature tax plans include the following:

  • Saving thousands of dollars using my signature tax strategies with a comprehensive tax plan, so that you know you are beating the IRS legally.
  • 4 (20) minute Power Sessions to strategize, so that your questions are answered and every possible strategy is used.
  • Complete review of your current financial system to identify any gaps & fix them so that you know you are not leaking any money.
  • I implement my top strategies that most CPA’s don’t tell you, so that you are paying as little as possible.
  • Complete handling of all the documentation needed to legally implement these strategies, so that your records are bullet proof against the IRS.
  • I check your records for my top missed business deductions, so that you minimize your tax liability.
  • I check your Accounting and journal entries, so that nothing is missed by a bookkeeper or former Accountant.
  • I review your LLC or INC, so that every legal and tax requirement is met.
  • Full virtual support for 1 year, so that you are fully confident with the money saving strategies we put in place.
  • My guarantee: 
  • If I do not save you at least the cost of this program between the current tax year and the following tax year, I will refund half the cost of this program.  To date this has never happened.


Clifton Hatfield Headshot

Snowe Saxman’s professionalism as a private CFO provided high-level consulting for my multi-million dollar business. Snowe's tax strategies and financial guidance were crucial elements for simplifying the complexity of my company’s financial planning.

- Clifton Hatfield

Brian Foshee Headshot

I literally SAVED $15,000 IN ONE YEAR!! Snowe turned my businesses into her signature “Smart Corps”. Best decision I ever made. I thought TurboTax was good…til I met Snowe!

- Brian Foshee



Words can’t describe how I feel about Snowe Saxman. This woman is amazing. She formed my Smart Corp and helped me to understand and to NOT be afraid of taxes. I was so freaked out about taxes but thank God for Snowe.

- Tineshia Toole



Q: What is Strategic Tax Planning?
A: It is a plan that utilizes all the credits, loopholes & deductions allowed legally in the complex tax laws.
Q: Why doesn’t my tax advisor share a strategic tax plan with me?
A: Most tax advisors are great record keepers & detailed orientated; however they have not studied the vast tax laws.
Q: What is the average I could possibly save?
A: In certain situations, tax planning can save as much as $25,000+ per year (*this varies, our average client saves $5,000 per year).


Q: Do you help form LLC's & Corporations?
A:  Yes.  It is industry standard for Accountants to help form LLC's & Corporations because of the tax implications.  We also review your current filings to ensure that you are in compliance with all legal & tax guidelines.
Q: Can I still use my own Accountant or file my own taxes?
A: Yes. Tax planning is an additional service you can use while keeping your existing tax preparer.
Q: Do you still prepare and file taxes for people?
A: Yes. We still also prepare taxes for small businesses, individuals, corporations, HOA’s, Trust & more.


Q: What if I believe that I missed money saving tax strategies or deductions in previous tax filings?
A: We can actually go back 3 years, correct the tax returns and still receive an additional cash refund.


Q: What if my Accountant or CPA told me that I could not write off certain expenses on previous tax filings?
A: We can still go back 3 years, verify your expenses, correct the tax returns and still receive an additional refund.


Q: What are your qualifications in Accounting & Taxes?
A:  I graduated with a B.S. in Accounting in 1998.  I studied for my MBA.  I am trained as a Tax Coach.  I am registered with the IRS as a paid tax preparer and electronic tax filer.  I am not an attorney; however, I have studied business, corporate, lien, contract and tax law.  Plus, my team & I continue our education in these areas every single year to serve our clients at the highest level possible.

Ready for money-saving tax strategies and for help filing your taxes?

***This program does not constitute legal advice nor is this a substitute for legal counsel. There are also no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.  As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.

Need something else?

Here are additional services that my business team offers…

  • Forming Non Profit Organizations including the filing of 501c3 applications
  • ‹‹Personal, Business & Corporate Tax Returns
  • ‹‹Settle with the IRS for back taxes owed or help with payment options
  • General Business Consulting
  • Private Coaching & Masterminds
  • ‹‹Strategic Tax Planning: Personal & Business

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