My Personal Mission

My mission is to get women more time at home with their families so that they can positively impact & influence their children while helping them create a six figure income by working SMART not hard!

My Vision

I truly believe that we can change the world starting with our own families! I believe that we should be the primary Influence in our children’s lives, not anything or anyone else! Today 90% of women work outside the home so both parents are gone 50 to 60+ per week leaving very little family time after homework, dinner on the go, activities, errands & life.

My passion is to get women back into the home with their families while building a profitable six figure business working SMART not hard so that they can have more money; more choices and more time with their families! Only then, can we really begin to see the change we want in this world!

I’m looking for 10 ambitious working women to mentor & coach on how to start a profitable six figure business. Women who also have a strong desire to positively impact & influence other women to do the same!! And women who are willing to invest & follow my proven business model & blueprint for success with accountability, coaching & support.

If that’s you, then connect with me today to see if you qualify to work with me!


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Tax Tip Tuesday

Did you know that you can write off the miles you drive for charitable purposes? Keep track of them!  Make sure you include the date, time, purpose and charitable organization.


Blessings & Belief,


Just forming a LLC does not protect you!

I see this all the time and even more at the end of the year…

Just forming a LLC or a INC online by yourself or even with most of the online “services” DOES NOT PROTECT you and it has tax implications that the average person does not understand.

I just received another phone call from a new client who formed her company online and had NO idea what problems she caused herself. She did not understand how the taxes worked with her new company. She was going to be double taxed and would be losing almost $10,000 in a refund to her! She also had no real layers of protection and that was a big reason for wanting to form the company.

If you have formed your company online and are not sure if you have a true “corporate veil” in place or you want to know what tax liability your new company has, connect with me today for a free strategy session!


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90% of Businesses fail because of THIS…

Statistics show that 90% of businesses fail because they do not have an accounting or money management plan. Most “business” owners do not even know if they are making a profit or what taxes they are liable for!

If you are a professional entrepreneur who has avoided putting these systems in place because of your lack of knowledge or fear, THEN the time is now to break free from procrastination & begin to master your business! Anything that we avoid or that is fear based always creates blocks. Negative energy spent wondering where your money is, how much you may owe in taxes or if you are even making a profit keeps you from moving forward & realizing your full potential in business. OR if you always file your taxes at the last minute or late, if you search for days or even weeks for records or if you do not know where your expenses & receipts are, you are wasting precious time knowing in the back of your mind you need to manage your money properly!

Take back your life & begin to create FREEDOM in your business by connecting with me TODAY for a free strategy session.

My Signature Programs are designed to empower entrepreneurs to create FREEDOM in their business so that they have more time with their families!


Blessings & Belief,


Time with our children

One of the biggest problems I see is the lack of time we spend with our children. If we are the primary influence in our children’s lives, things would be a lot different in our society.

I am so thankful that I was able to keep all of my children out of daycare as young children. Now that our children are home schooled & bigger, I’m even more thankful. I see the change that has happened in their spirits! I know that little kids get in little trouble and big kids get in even more trouble!

My vision is that more Moms would be able to be at home with their children & still have the income they want to live a life they love.

If you’re a professional working mom who wants to get back into the home with their family, connect with me today!


Blessings & Belief,


Making the World a Better Place

My vision to make this world a better place is having more women & even men back in their homes with their families!

Today, parents are overworked & still not making enough money.

The little time you do spend at home is often pushing kids to get their homework done, grab something quick to eat and get to bed. Weekends are filled with errands, chores or other activities that still keep you apart.

There is little or no family time.

If we never really spend quality time together, we can’t actually get to know each other.

Everything and everyone else is influencing our children.

I know that helping busy women like you to create a full time income on a part-time basis, will begin the change that we so need for the next generation.

My family life has dramatically changed for the better because we are able to spend so much time together!

If you’re ready for that kind of change, connect with me today!


Blessings & Belief,



I'm Snowe, The Money Oracle. My Signature Programs are designed to empower YOU to CREATE, MANAGE & MULTIPLY money so that you can take your business and life to the next level!

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