• Are you struggling to make enough money or feeling stuck?

  • Do you experience fear when paying bills or releasing money?

  • Did you grow up with a lack of money or money problems?

  • Do you earn money, but you never seem to have enough?

  • Do you avoid money, bill collectors, debt or tax issues?

If so, you need Financially Free

A virtual program for the heart centered & soulful woman who wants to break free from negative thoughts & fears around money, so she can live financially free.



I completely understand having a lot of negative thoughts and fears around money.  I used to hold onto money so tight that God showed me I was actually keeping more from coming to me.  That is what led us to file bankruptcy and living on food stamps.  I share all about it in my Amazon best selling book, "Bankrupt to Six Figures".  You can break FREE from never having enough money and let go of your past with this program. You can rewrite your “money story” and turn your yearly income into your monthly income...YES, you can actually do that. I can show you how to do this because I have done it myself and it all starts with our heart and soul.

Our soul is our will, mind and emotions.  Our thoughts affect our will and emotions.  This means if you think a negative thought, you will create a negative emotion.  Emotions are energy in motion.  Therefore, when you create a negative emotion based on a negative thought, you are sending negative energy into your body and into the world.  You cannot create anything positive or abundant from a  negative state of being.  What you think about, you truly bring about.  Change your thoughts and you will change your life, just like I did.  I am going to help you do that through my God inspired process, Financially Free.

In my online step by step Financially Free program, you will...

  • Break free from negative beliefs around money
  • Understand how the brain works so you can change your thoughts
  • Understand how trauma affects your finances so you can correct that
  • Realize what you learned growing up about money & how to change that‹‹
  • Learn techniques to clear money blocks & emotional clutter around money

If you're ready to...

  • Break through to that next level of income
  • Stop being afraid of your financial future
  • Experience freedom and peace around money
  • Create an exciting and financially fierce road map
  • Understand what's preventing you from making more money

Then you need my Financially Free program, so you can release those hidden money blocks, heal your past and rewrite your money story.  

My program is perfect for you if...

  • You are avoiding money or tax issues
  • You are struggling to make more money
  • You are not really sure where all of your money goes
  • You experience fear when paying bills or releasing money
  • You wonder if there is enough money to create the life you want‹‹
  • You earn a decent income, but you never seem to have enough money
  • You have experienced any form of trauma, including, but not limited to:
    sexual, physical, emotional, financial, vehicular or loss of a loved one

(Please note: this program is not for women experiencing a crisis or PTSD. Please seek crisis counseling from a professional)


Melanie St. Ours

"Thank you for a beautiful call today! I'm so grateful that God brought us together and for all that you do and who you are!

I am so ready. I love what we’ve done so far, and I know that I need more support to really change my mindset and behaviors. I STILL haven’t gotten all of the systems in place that you wrote on the checklist, and I know it’s the greater accountability and mentorship that will help me grow into someone who is fearless about money and sees it as a blessing! The challenge you gave me to manifest the $$ to work with you got me into action, which is how the new income happened! That’s what you’ve done for me this week already!”
**Update: I just had a new client sign up and that means that this is now my highest income month ever! I just got the biggest check of my life—-and I wrote it to MYSELF from my own business’s account!


Here is what you get during our 3 months
  • Educational & spiritual calls, so you can learn how to clear your financial house and explore your money comfort zone

  • Exercises and homework, so you acknowledge where you are and begin to create space for abundance

  • Facebook group for community, so that you are fully supported on your journey to abundance

  • Proven step by step formula, so that you know exactly how to create lasting change just like I did

  • Guarantee to rewrite your money story, so you have the confidence to move forward

  • 90 Days of email coaching from me, so you are fully supported every step of the way

What others say about working with me
  1. Option #1:  Do It Yourself Virtual Program:

    *Educational & spiritual calls

    *Exercises and homework

    *Exact step by step process

    $497 paid in full 

Gold-Divider-Line-Diamond-Center      2.   Option #2: VIP Program: 

*Educational & spiritual calls

*Exercises and homework

*Exact step by step process

*Facebook group for support

*3 private breakthrough sessions with me

$1997 Paid in full


Option #3

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