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Biggest mistake women in small business make with taxes

Do you know the number one mistake 90% of at home business owners (especially women) make with their taxes that can cost them thousands of dollars every year?

The IRS requires that you keep a detailed  trip journal or ledger for EVERY mile that you travel including what the business purpose SPECIFICALLY was!

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My Personal Mission

My mission is to get women more time at home with their families so that they can positively impact & influence their children while helping them create a six figure income by working SMART not hard!

My Vision

I truly believe that we can change the world starting with our own families! I believe that we should be the primary Influence in our children’s lives, not anything or anyone else! Today 90% of women work outside the home so both parents are gone 50 to 60+ per week leaving very little family time after homework, dinner on the go, activities, errands & life.

My passion is to get women back into the home with their families while building a profitable six figure business working SMART not hard so that they can have more money; more choices and more time with their families! Only then, can we really begin to see the change we want in this world!

I’m looking for 10 ambitious working women to mentor & coach on how to start a profitable six figure business. Women who also have a strong desire to positively impact & influence other women to do the same!! And women who are willing to invest & follow my proven business model & blueprint for success with accountability, coaching & support.

If that’s you, then connect with me today to see if you qualify to work with me!


Blessings & Belief,


Trust Your Instinct

Many times in business and in your personal life, God is opening up a door of opportunity and providing an answer to prayer.  At first we say to ourselves YES, but then fear sets in!  Fear is the opposite of FAITH!  TRUST your first instinct!!


In all endeavors, there are obstacles to confront.  One of the secretes of success is to refuse to allow temporary setbacks to defeat us.  In business, we learn this lesson on a daily basis—a lesson that also applies in our personal lives. –Mary Kay Ash

I'm Snowe, The Money Oracle. My Signature Programs are designed to empower YOU to CREATE, MANAGE & MULTIPLY money so that you can take your business and life to the next level!

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