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The Money Oracle

I COMPLETELY understand being broke, “stuck”, full of shame, having low self-esteem, feeling like you're on a roller coaster in your business, being totally frustrated that you're not achieving your goals, and waiting on God to just do something!  I can show you how to master your money through God inspired success, financial and business strategies because I have done it myself!

 I was a millionaire at age 25, bankrupt and living on food stamps by age 35 and now I'm earning multiple six figures on my way to millions again.  With God's help, I have been able to channel a painful past into a purposeful future and empower other women with my unique gifts and talents.

I believe that...

We can change the world, creating more freedom and happiness when we live our lives; God first, Family second & our Careers third.

In many business models, we tend to live career first, career second, and everything else third. This can be true if you’re someone else’s employee or if you're running your own business. It can seem impossible to have a happy, healthy balance. But, it doesn't have to be that way.   In fact, it shouldn't be that way!  I know that when you make God your first priority, you'll be able to have it all; more money, more choices, and more time with your family.  Whether you are looking to start a business or master one, I am here to help!

As a Success, Wealth & Women's Expert, I love helping purpose driven, heart centered women, like you, uncover hidden success blocks from your past, heal your relationship with money and learn how to master it, so that you can realize the full potential in your life.

With my unique blend of business savvy, money expertise, and strong faith, I can help you eliminate detrimental beliefs that are holding you back, plus I can show you how to create, manage & multiply money through God-inspired Success, Financial & Business strategies so that you have a profitable business without giving up what is important to you.

Because a business that isn't profitable, is just an expensive hobby, right?


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